Yagya Request
welcome to Gayatri pariwar, Bay Area

Useful links

  1. List of Items for Yagya
  2. Yagyopath Studies in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
  3. Experiments on Psychomatic Disorders
  4. Impact of Yagya on Atmospheric Pollution
  5. Brahmavarchas Research Centre
  6. Deep Yagya Procedure and Importance
  7. Reviving the Vedic Culture of Yagya
  8. Yagya How and When ?
  9. Yug Sanskar Paddhati
  10. Steps for Simple, Effective and Safe Daily Gayatri Upasana
  11. Gayatri Meditation
  12. Higher spiritual practice of Gayatri
  13. Gayatri Sadhana for Women
  14. Gayatri Sadhana for house-wives
  15. Piercing of Chakras
  16. Essential elements of Gayatri Sadhana
  17. Awakening of Kundalini by Gayatri Sadhana
  18. Gayatri Sadhana As Eulogised In The Ancient Scriptures

We offer following Sanskars

  1. Punsvan Sanskar (Baby Showers)
  2. Namkaran Sanskar (Naming ceremony)
  3. Annaprashan Sanskar
  4. Mundan (Tonsure ceremony)
  5. Janmdivas Sanskar (Birth Day Celebration)
  6. Vivah Divas Celebration
  7. Vivah Sanskar
  8. Grih Pravesh (House Warming)

To get you the best experience out of this event, it is essential that you do the following.

  1. Every day until the day of the event, all family members, sit together and chant 24 Gayatri Mantras(takes about 10 mins). Please feel free to choose any suitable time evening/morning.
    Check out various recordings of the mantra. Here you click "Search" tab on top, enter "Gayatri Mantra" in the Search field and hit "Search" button next to it.
    Know more about Gayatri.

  2. Pick up at-least 1 book of your choice from our bookstall and read it before the event. Or you can check out many on our website.

  3. Share your thoughts on the book after the program with the invited guests.

Do let us know the book you pick so that we can bring it during event if we have in stock and also we can prepare ourselves on the same.

Things to take care during Havan

  1. Please make sure that fire/smoke alarms are disabled

  2. Please try to have all members of family be ready on time and be seated for program to start.

  3. We expect 100% participation from all, so please ensure that there is no food or other activities in parallel.

Complete treatise, in Hindi, of the entire Vedic Scripture (the Vedas, Upanishads, Darshanas, Purans and Smrities).
Initiate with simple steps of Gayatri Meditation,Realize the power of Gayatri & Reach to self realization.
Refinement of life by adopting four disciplines - spiritual practice (Upasana/Sadhana), self-study (swadhayaya), self-restraint (sanyam) and social service (seva).
A simple yet effective 5 step procedure to get rid off harmful tendencies & finding right path of progress (Spiritual & Material both).
“यज्ञमय जीवन जिएँ, वह शक्ति हमको दें प्रभो। लोकमंगल साधना की, भक्ति हमको दें प्रभो।।
शुद्ध हो तन-मन हमारा, लोकहित आहुति बनें। समर्पित जीवन जिएँ, अनुरक्ति हमको दें प्रभो।।”