Our Spiritual preparations in COVID-19

We are collecting donations to support critical services staff by donating Food items, masks etc and also giving donation to county Food bank.
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In the unprecedented COVID-19 situation we can perform the below activities to keep us healthy and strong, eliminate the virus and protect us from viruses.

Our daily routine towards healthy world

  1. Join us in the morning meditation at 6:30 AM - Dial-in: (712) 770-4160, Code: 250941
  2. Gayatri mantra chanting every day 1 mala (i.e. 108 times) - imagine that the rising sun is healing the world with its auspicious rays
  3. Maha-Mrityunjaya-Mantra chanting for everybody's good health - daily 24 times
  4. Regular Pranayama (particularly Nadhi Shodhan) - 7 cycles
  5. Spend some time under the morning Sun, absorb Savita's Vital (Prana) energy, and do Surya Arghyadaan (offering water to Sun)
  6. Recite corona mantras to eliminate Viruses, to get protection from viruses and to recover from diseases. These are special mantras and taken from Atharv Veda.
  7. If possible perform daily/frequent Yagya with special Ahutis for Corona as mentioned above
  8. Join us in the daily prayer at 8:00 PM - Dial-in: (712) 770-4160, Code: 250941
  9. Join us on Saturday online Yagya Online (via zoom) at 11:00 AM
  10. Join Daily Yog, Yagya and Gayatri challange

The most effective way of treatment with corona virus - daily Yagya

  • Yagya is a very effective remedy for prevention and treatment against the coronavirus or any other type of viruses. This purifies the environment and increases biographical power. So do Yajna daily. Use pure ghee of cow in Yagna. In the Yajna, give a minimum of five ahutis of Gayatri Mahamatra and three aahutis of Mahamrityunj Mantra

  • Special incense ingredients can be prepared by mixing the following medicines in equal quantity.
  • Agar, Tagar, Giloy, Tulsi, Jatamansi, Haubar, Neem leaf, Neem bark, Kalmegh, nutmeg, mace, javaghas, bitter gourd, nagaramotha, fragrance.

  • Our sages have called the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra the dead Sanjeevani Mahamantra. Its chanting has a positive effect on health and the fear of premature death is eliminated. The Indian Council of Medical Research has also done research for its effect on patients of Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, Delhi and has got very impressive results.

  • All people are requested to chant at least one Mala Mahamrityunj Mantra.These chants can be used collectively for prevention and mitigation of the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) these days.
  • "We worship the Trinetra, who are fragrant, nourish us, just as the fruit is freed from the shackles of the branch, similarly we too become free from death and impermanence."

Acknowledgement from Alameda county food bank.