Daily Yog, Yagya and Gayatri


Daily Yog, Yagya and Gayatri (Pragya Yog Flyer)

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General Preconditions: Yog should be done with empty stomach & clean nose, mouth and washed face. Before starting Yagya or Gayatri, for better receptivity, take a palm full of water and sprinkle it all over the body with one Gayatri mantra. Also drink 3 sips of water with Aum Bhuhu, Aum Bhuvah and Aum Swaha to condition from inside. Also check out our reference books here.

  1. Yog: Daily Exercise for your body : Do one Pragya Yog and one Surya Namaskar - stretching and holding each pose, as best as you can, upto a minute or two. Allow natural breathing while holding in a pose. If doing in holding pattern is hard, you can as well do 12 Pragya Yogs and 12 Surya Namaskars, one for each word of the gayatri mantra, as in the table below.
  2. Yagya: Daily Immunity Boost for your home : Do 13 mins Yagya - morning or evening.
  3. Gayatri: Daily dose of life energy : Do 15 mins to 1 hr chanting of Gayatri Mantra following the below procedure.
  1. Light a lamp. Sit in front of it with closed eyes and straight back in Vajrasan or Sukhasan (Alternate between both for avoiding leg numbing situation). You can also do the same facing the Sun.
  2. Hold a mala/rosery in right hand and keep left hand in the lap with Gyan(Knowledge) Mudra, in a relaxed fashion.
  3. Use Tulasi(Basil) or Reguar Sandle wood(Not red sandlewood) mala of 108 beads.
  4. While rotating the mala, use thumb, middle and ring fingers. Avoid index and pinky thouching the mala.
  5. Do Gayatri Mantra chanting in continuous repeated fashion during the Mala/rosery, one chant for each bead. Allow breathing from your nose and mouth to facilitate uninterupted chanting. An optimal pace would be 3 seconds per mantra, 5 minutes per Mala and 1 hour for 12 malas.
  6. On completion of one mala, touch Sumeru to both eyes and forehead and follow beads in reverse order. Keep traversing beads forward and reverse w/o crossing Sumeru/center bead.
  7. Chant the mantra in a low tone, as a gentle whisper or murmer with movement of tougue, lips and jaws. At the same time, inhale/exhale directing life enegy(Prana) and light into different chakras, one mala per chakra.
  8. Entire existance is a manifestation of the Sun Energy. Gayatri Stavan is a beautiful prayer addressing the Sun energy as the provider of the 12 virtues, with an appeal to purify/heal us with those. Gayatri Mantra has such 12 words. Gayatri Aarati has 12 such stanzas. Human body has 6 chakras driving spiritual and material excellence(6x2). The table below relates them all. It also connect them to 12 Gayatri picture illustrations & 12 Pragya Yog poses.
    Pick a combination that gives you the best meditative experience, and do one mala for each of the 12. Experience the light, energy and inspiration from the Sun refining/illiminating your entire existance(mind, body and heart). If you like focusing on chakras, try to chant in a manner/sound pitch that gives maximum sensation at the corresponding chakra. Visualize that the chakra is being purified, energized and awakened by the Sun energy & spinning like a tornado.
  9. You can do 12 malas in one sitting of 1 hr or two sittings of 30 min each. Best times are morning, noon and evening. Shorter alternatives such as 15 min chanting or 3/5/10 malas are listed below the table.
Mala # Gayatri Stavan
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for spiritual & material success)
Hindi Meaning
English Meaning
Gayatri Aarati God/Gayatri Picture Pragya Yoga
1 यन्मण्डलं दीप्तिकरम..
शुभज्योति के पुंज..
Muladhar - tail bone
पराक्रम - Valor
Bhur प्राणस्वरूप Life creating जयति जय गायत्री माता.. Kamandal or Maa Kali/Shiva Tadasan
2 यन्मण्डलं देवगणै..
ऋषिदेवताओ से नित्य..
Swadhistan - groin
प्रतिभा - Divine Persona
Bhuvah दुःखनाशक Cleansing-healing आदिशक्ति.. Beautiful Lotus or Maa Lakshmi/Vishnu Padhastasan
3 यन्मण्डलं ज्ञानघनत्व..
हे ज्ञान के घन ..
Manipur - naval
साहस - Courage
Swaha सुखस्वरूप Blissful ब्रह्मरूपिणी.. Vedas or Maa Saraswati/Brahma Vajrasan
4 यन्मण्डलं गूढ़मति..
हे गूढ़ अतःकरण ..
Anahant - heart
कौशल - Skilfullness
Tat सर्वव्यापी परमात्मा That Omnipresent(God) भयहारिणी.. Swan or Maa Lakshmi/Vishnu Ustrasan
5 यन्मण्डलं व्याधिविनाश...
हे व्याधिनाशक ..
Vishuddhi - throat
मनोयोग - Absolute focus
Saviturn तेजस्वी Illuminus कामधेनु.. Gayatri Mantra around the Sun or Maa Durga/Shiva Yogmudra
6 यन्मण्डलं वेदविदो..
सबवेद विद चारण ..
Agya - between eyebrows
विवेक - knowlege & wisdom
Varenyam श्रेष्ठ Supreme-excelling ऋगयजु.. Maa Gayatri in middle of the Sun Ardha-tadasan
7 यन्मण्डलं सर्वजने..
हे विश्वमानव से ..
Muladhar - tail bone
पराक्रम - Valor
Bhargo पापनाशक Sin-destrying स्वाहा स्वधा.. Kamandal or Shiva Shashankasan
8 यन्मण्डलं विष्णुचर्तुरमुखा..
हे विष्णु ब्रह्मादि ..
Swadhistan - groin
प्रतिभा - Divine Persona
Devasya देवस्वरूप Benevolence जननी हम है.. Beautiful Lotus or Lotus eyed Vishnu Bhujangasan
9 यन्मण्डलं विश्वसृजाम..
हे विश्व मंडल के..
Manipur - naval
साहस - Courage
Dhimahi को धारण करे Being received स्नेहसमी.. Vedas or Maa Brahma Left Bhujangasan
10 यन्मण्डलं सर्वगतस्य..
हे सर्वव्यापी..
Anahant - heart
कौशल - Skilfullness
Dhiyo बुद्धि Intellect काम क्रोध.. Swan or Lord Vishnu under Sheshanaag Right Bhujangasan
11 यन्मण्डलं ब्रह्मविदो..
हे ब्रह्मनिष्ठो..
Vishuddhi - throat
मनोयोग - Absolute focus
Yo Nah वह हमारी Of ours तुम समर्थ.. Gayatri Matra around Sun or Shiva with snake around neck Shashankasan
12 यन्मण्डलं वेदविदोपगितम
हे योगीओ के..
Agya - between eyebrows
विवेक - knowlege & wisdom
Prachodayat सन्मार्ग में चलाये Work righteously जयति जय गायत्री माता.. Gayatri Mata in middle of the Sun Tadasan
Other Alternatives

  1. 15 mins listening meditation: Listen Gayatri Stavan while chanting the Gayatri Mantra as described before. For each stanza (Sanskrit + Hindi), focus on the associated chakra as described in the table. You will visit each chakra two times, together each chakra getting routhly 2 min 10 seconds of awakening.
  2. 3 Mala practice: Do 3 malas focusing on Bhur, Bhuvah & Swaha, in Muladhar(tail-bone), Vishuddhi(throat) and Agya/Sahastra(between eyebrows) respectively- awakening power of righteous desire, action and knowledge. इच्छाशक्ति , क्रियाशक्ति और ज्ञानशक्ति.
  3. 5 Mala practice: focus on Nabhi, Muladhar, Vishuddi, Anahat and Sahastrar(Center of head) for purifying and awekening five Koshas(bodies/layers) - Annamay(food body), Pranmay(energy body), Manomay(mental body), Vigyanmay(knowlege body) and Anandmya(bliss body)
  4. 10 Mala practice: do two times 5 Malas, and you can connect it with 10 stanzas of Gayatri Aarati, from Adi Shakti(आदिशक्ति..) .. to Tum Samarth(तुम समर्थ..).


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